Tampax Products

With so many collections to choose from that all provide outstanding protection,there’s a Tampax tampon for everyone. Pick a collection to learn more.

Not sure which tampon to use?

Find the tampax tampon for you
  • Tampax Radiant tampons


    An ultimate protection experience with a
    one-of-a-kind re-sealable wrapper* for discreet disposal.*available on full-size

  • Tampax Pearl tampons


    Pearl protection with a unique Anti-Gravity
    LeakGuard Braid™ to help stop leaks before they happen.

  • Tampax Essentials tampons


    Designed to fit your unique
    shape and lifestyle.

  • Tampax Cardboard tampons


    Powerful LeakGuard™ protection
    with an Anti-Slip Grip™ applicator.

  • Tampax Pearl Panty liners

    TAMPAXPearl Liners

    Incredibly thin liners for protection
    every day of the month.

  • Tampax Radiant Featuring a unique re-sealable wrapper!
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