How To Use A Tampon

How To Use A Tampon

Getting ready

Wash your hands and unwrap a fresh tampon.

Finding a comfortable position

Many teens have found that standing with their knees slightly bent is a very comfortable and easy way to reach the vaginal area, with the vaginal opening’s muscles relaxed.

Inserting the applicator

If you’re using a Tampax® Compak Pearl tampon, you’ll see that the plastic applicator is made of two tubes, one fitting inside the other. So you’ll need to pull the inner tube out 'till it“clicks” at the bottom of the outer tube, prior to inserting the applicator.

Hold the applicator lightly on the outer insertion tube at the grip location with your thumb and middle finger. Remember to keep your pointer finger away from the applicator. With the removal string hanging down, insert the outer tube (for Pearl and Compak Pearl, this is the rounded tip of the applicator) into your vaginal opening at a slight upward angle, toward the small of your back. Gently slide the applicator all the way into your vagina, until your fingers touch your body.

Placing the tampon inside

With your pointer finger, slide the inner tube all the way into the outer tube until the ends of both tubes are even— this slides the tampon out of the applicator and into the right place in your vagina.

Removing both applicator tubes

Firmly hold on to the two tubes that are now one inside the other. Gently take out both tubes together, leaving the tampon inside your body and the string hanging outside ready for removal. When your tampon is inserted correctly, you shouldn’t even feel it. If it feels uncomfortable, it is probably not placed far enough into your vagina. The uncomfortable feeling comes from the tampon rubbing against the muscles at the opening of the vagina. If this happens, simply remove the tampon and try again with a new one, making sure to insert it deeper into your body. It’s normal for beginners to try insertion a few times before they get it right.

Applicator Disposal: Tampax Pearl Plastic and Compak Pearl

Do not flush the plastic applicator or wrapper. After you have inserted the tampon, you can place the used applicator back into the wrapper and dispose into a trash can.

You got it in!

See, it wasn’t so hard was it? Welcome to the club!

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