Myths Busted -- Do Tampons Hurt? What If A Tampon Gets Stuck? Can A Tampon Fall Out?

Myths Busted -- Do Tampons Hurt? What If A Tampon Gets Stuck? Can A Tampon Fall Out?

Do tampons hurt?

No. When you begin to menstruate, you are old enough to use Tampax® tampons and can use them right from the start. There is no“waiting period” before a tampon can be used. Tampons are inserted into the vagina through the same opening that menstrual fluid leaves your body. By carefully and completely following the instructions given in our package insert or in the How To Insert a Tampon video, you will find that the use of Tampax® tampons is really quite easy. The package insert shows several positions that can be used to comfortably insert a tampon. While learning, it is helpful to relax, take your time and be patient. Some beginners have to try several times before they are able to insert a tampon. If you have difficulty, you may find using a small amount of lubricating jelly (not petroleum jelly) on and around the tip of the tampon and the outer tube will help to simplify insertion. When the tampon has been inserted correctly, you should not feel any discomfort.

Can a tampon go beyond the vagina and get lost inside the body?

No. The opening at the end of your vagina is only the size of a pencil point-much too small for a tampon to fit through. The tampon is held in place by the walls of your vagina until you pull on the cord to remove it.

What if a tampon gets stuck?

A Tampax® tampon cannot get“stuck” inside you. After the tampon has been inserted, the constricting muscles at the vaginal opening will hold it in place until you remove it by gently pulling on the withdrawal cord. If you feel definite resistance when you pull on the withdrawal cord, try to relax. You may want to leave the tampon in a little longer as it probably has not absorbed enough menstrual fluid to become soft and pliable. It may be too early to remove it. A tampon should be worn for a maximum of eight hours.

What if the withdrawal string breaks?

The withdrawal string breaking is an extremely rare occurrence. The removal cord is sewn to the core of all Tampax® tampons. If it does break, it is usually a simple matter to reach the tampon with your fingers. Wash your hands and use the same position you used to comfortably insert the tampon to remove it. If this can’t be done, you should see your doctor the same day.

Can a tampon fall out?

When properly inserted, the muscles around the entrance to the vagina will hold the tampon in place so it cannot fall out. 

Do tampons cause yeast infections?

No. Yeast infections are caused by a form of yeast commonly found in the vagina known as Candida. The use of antibiotics, among other things, can be a factor in the development of a yeast infection. It is common that when yeast infections occur, they do so shortly before your period begins. Because of that, women may mistakenly believe that their tampon is the cause of the yeast infection but it is not!

Do deodorant tampons cause an infection?

The materials used in Tampax® tampons have been thoroughly tested, prior to use in our product. A small number of people may be uniquely sensitive to materials that the vast majority of individuals can tolerate.

Can tampons leave fibers in my body?

Fibers can come off any tampon. The natural cleansing process of the vagina removes these fibers within a short time (a day or two). The medical literature recognizes that fibers can come off tampons and does not represent a health risk.

Can tampons cause endometriosis or cancer?

No. Tampon use is widely accepted by medical professionals for menstrual protection, and there is absolutely no scientific evidence that tampons lead to the development of endometriosis or cancer. We regularly review our tampon safety information with independent experts— physicians, nurses and other scientists— to help make sure Tampax remains a menstrual protection product that women can use with confidence.

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