Tampax Pure Tampons are free of chlorine bleaching, dyes, and fragrances for protection you can feel good about. A 90% plant-based plastic applicator makes insertion easy and smooth, while exceptional LeakGuard Braid Protection keeps leaks away.

- Organic Tampons

- Tampax Pure Tampons are free of chlorine bleaching, dyes, and fragrances

- Features Tampax Protection with up to 100% leak-free tampons you can trust

- A 90% plant-based plastic applicator makes tampon insertion easy and smooth

- For every specially marked Tampax Pure pack purchased, Tampax will donate one tampon to girls in need across the United States through a variety of non-profit organizations. Help end period poverty together.




Looking for more information? We’ve got answers to some of your top questions about Tampax Pure.

Q: What is Tampax Pure?

A: Women who’ve been let down by “natural” period products can say goodbye to disappointment. New Tampax Pure offers women an option with the trusted comfort and period protection women expect from Tampax, and simple ingredients free of dyes,
fragrance, and chlorine bleaching, so they don’t have to compromise.

Tampax Pure is a new option for women who want a tampon made from simple ingredients but doesn’t force them to compromise on comfort or protection.

  • Tampax Pure is free of dyes, fragrances and chlorine bleaching.
  • Tampax Pure features a 100% organic cotton core, responsibly sourced from within the U.S.
  • The applicator is a translucent, 90% plant-based plastic applicator.
  • Like all Tampax products, Pure still has the comfort and trusted protection of Tampax, including width-wise expansion and a LeakGuard BraidTM for built-in back-up protection.
  • Tampax Pure comes in two absorbencies – Regular and Super.

Q: Is Tampax Pure an organic tampon?

A: Tampax Pure is an Organic tampon that is free from dyes, fragrances and chlorine bleaching.

Q: What are the ingredients in Tampax Pure?

A: Our tampons are made with responsibly sourced cotton grown in the USA which is free of chlorine bleaching, a polypropylene LeakGuard braid for built-in back-up protection, and polyester thread to sew and hold the tampon together.

Q: Why is Tampax introducing this product? How is Tampax Pure different than other “natural” period protection options?

A: More and more women are telling us that they want tampons that are made with simple ingredients that they can count on. Tampax Pure is the only option that offers women the trusted comfort and period protection of Tampax, and simple ingredients free of dyes, fragrance, and chlorine bleaching. When we introduce a new product, it needs to be worthy of the Tampax name, and we’re excited for people to try new Tampax Pure.

Q: Does Pure have the same level of protection as other Tampax products?

A: Yes. New Pure offers the same trusted comfort and period protection women expect from Tampax.

Q: Where can Tampax Pure be purchased?

A: Tampax PURE is available at most stores across the U.S., and on some national online sites.

Q: If Tampax Pure is free of dyes, fragrance, does that mean these are included in regular Tampax?

A: The only products that contain fragrance are those labeled “scented” on the package. Some Tampax products include fragrance because it’s a choice that women have requested. Some Tampax products contain pigments to create beautiful designs that consumers love, to help draw attention to unique product features such as the LeakGuard braid, and to create bold colors on our applicators that we know some women prefer. All the pigments and fragrances we use are completely safe.



Using a tampon isn’t nearly as scary as it might sound, but being prepared is essential. Here is what you need to know about using tampons!


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They are very comfortable and they absorb the absolute most.

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These were very comfortable to insert and wear and I didn't experience any leaks. Im glad these these are dye & fragrance free which sometimes causes me to get irritated. I also like that with these tampons the wrapper isn't a bright pink, so when I grab one at work or in public ...its not like oh I know what she has in her hand . Plus its nice that the applicator is 90% plant based #gotitfree

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